We create technological solutions from scratch. They’re tailored for each project, user-friendly and always developed from the code.
Our young, talented team creates fully customised solutions from scratch for each project, always based on the code.
We take pride in noticing what others fail to see. We propose disruptive solutions that make our clients' lives easier, always based on the code.
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Technology forces us to embrace change. At Codesian, we’re aware that every time technology allows a step forward, our habits change. And when you stop doing things the way you used to, you have to evolve and step outside your comfort zone. That’s why at Codesian, we provide continuous customer support, before, while and after delivering your solution. Our key service is staying with you until you master the tool we’ve developed for you.
We are restless pioneers. Our question is always: What new technology is there in the market? Our mission is to research and harness technology’s full potential for you, applying it to your everyday life. We work for companies and administrations that need new ideas and solutions, because they want to evolve towards new forms of organisation and management. We work for those who want to boost their performance, those who aim be one step ahead, those who believe there’s always a better way of doing things, and those who are open to embracing to new opportunities.
At Codesian, we differentiate ourselves by supporting you during the new technology implementation process from start to finish. We listen to you if you’re confused about what solution you need. We consider the technology best suited to your needs, rethink the processes, and ask ourselves if the old way of doing things is still useful. We develop a personalised tool for you and accompany you during its implementation, providing you with the necessary training to use it yourself and obtain maximum performance.
We work with the following technologies
Management tools

Portals for specific operations at businesses, custom development. Data collection by app and data management portal. Applications for desktop or work networks. Services and APIs for third-party access


Water control and automation in irrigation infrastructures. Sensorisation of cultivations and crops. Environmental/forestry/agricultural research. Monitoring of environmental variables. Custom sensors and devices for different sectors and needs

Graphic design, UI and UX

Brand image. Design of web pages, applications, portals... Usability and user experience analysis

Drones, unmanned aircraft

Moisture control and irrigation. High-resolution lidar flights. Optimisation of fertilisation and application of treatments. User habits and behaviour. Biomass calculations. Pest and growth control

RFID / NFC | Radio tag technology

Personal authentication. Simple control and management of warehouses and stocks. Production process control. Attendance monitoring at companies

Experts in the use of geographical information

Custom online/offline maps. WMS, WFS, TMS spatial data infrastructure and other standards of the OGC organisation, etc. Mobile applications with maps. Spatial data analysis. Routing services. Fleet/people tracking

Mobile applications

Apps on iOS, Android and other platforms. iOS and Android push notifications. Corporate tools and add-ons for management tools

Websites and self-managed portals (CMS)

Drupal and Wordpress-based portals and simple, unmanaged web pages. Server management, DNS...


Monitoring of patients with psychiatric and neurological disorders. Integrated applications connected with iPhone or Android. Personal surveillance. Adaptation of existing applications for Apple Watch and Android Wear

Bluetooth 4.0

Indoor positioning. Applications that recognise elements around them and give us information. User proximity notifications. User habits and behaviour

And we apply them to the following sectors
Public administration
Touristic and cultural
Private enterprise
Here are some of our projects
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Contact us and tell us about them. Other clients have already done so and are very satisfied with the results.
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